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Dumb to Smart Doorbell with Hikvision Live Guard Camera


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I thought I'd post this as it might be of interest to some as a little DIY project. I've been meaning to sort out a smart doorbell for a while but didn't want to use a Hikvision or Ring doorbell or intercom for the following reasons:
  • They're a bit unsightly
  • I already have a camera next to the front door
  • The Hikvision doorbell can't have an indoor chime unless you use their indoor station/monitor. That monitor goes to sleep, so I prefer just to use a wall mounted tablet with all cameras available using iVMS/HikConnect
  • I want to retain the existing doorbell. If I don't have the Hikvision indoor chime and rely on HikConnect it's no good if I'm home but have wandered away from my phone.
So I've set something up that suits using the new Hikvision DS-2CD2347G2-LSU/SL (this will also work fine with the older DS-2CD2346G2-ISU/SL) and my existing wireless doorbell. It was completed as follows:

1 - Route an alarm cable (4 cores needed) between the camera and bell push position.
2 - Connect 1 pair to the alarm input and 1 pair to the alarm output at the camera end. I used red/black for the input and yellow/blue for the output


3 - At the other end connect red/black to a new standard wired bell push. I got one for £3 from ScrewFix. Before fitting I noted that the one I bought had a lamp fitted and this meant that the contacts were at 60 ohms rather than open circuit due to the lamp. I removed the lamp as it wasn't going to be used and I didn't want that resistance there.

4 - My existing doorbell was wireless - a Byron model also bought from ScrewFix many years ago, though there's no reason this wouldn't be possible with any wireless push. I removed the circuit board as shown

IMG_3450.JPG IMG_3451.JPG IMG_3452.JPG

5 - I then picked off the plate that the button depresses to sound the doorbell, leaving the contacts displayed as shown


6 - I soldered a pair of wires across two of the contact points on the circuit board and connected those to the yellow/blue pair coming from the camera alarm output. I've fitted the circuit board behind a single gang blank plate and this is inside the house behind the doorbell


With that complete - in the NVR menu (or camera menu if it's a standalone camera)

1 - Enable the alarm input, set to normally open operation and name it "Doorbell"
2 - In the Linkage Action for the alarm input set "Notify Surveillance Centre", "Trigger Alarm Output" (for the cameras output) and "Trigger Channel" (selecting the camera at the door)
3 - Name the Alarm Output "Doorbell" - nothing else needed.

And that's it. When someone presses the "dumb" doorbell.....it activates the input, which activates the output, which triggers my existing doorbell. Simultaneously I get a push notification from the HikConnect app. Touch the notification, Live View, Activate 2 Way Audio........or just answer the door!

Edit: With hindsight it would've been easier from an installation point of view to use an NVR alarm output for the linkage. That way I could've put the wireless doorbell push behind the NVR and avoided fitting a visible box behind the doorbell inside the house.
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