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DVR issue: Probing DNS


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I have a POE DVR with the cloud error 'Probing DNS' (should say connected)
  • DVR is connected to the router
  • 3 POE cameras are connected to the DVR
  • I can see the 3 cameras on my router and ping the cameras from my PC
  • Green and Orange blinking lights on the back of the DVR for network and Cameras
  • I can't even add the cameras on my DVR even though I can ping them from my PC (they won't should up in the DVR search)
  • I've opened ports on router for
  • Tried DHCP and still not working
Issue is I cannot see the DVR from my PC or Router and also the DVR cannot see the cameras via the search feature.
This issue happened in the start then I played around with the DVR network setting and then it finally started working then all of a sudden Everything went into probing DNS mode again.

Has anyone got any recommendations?

Here is a quick video:

20190724_235611.jpg 20190724_235618.jpg 20190725_183213.jpg