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Earning Awareness, Respect and Trust - almost ten years in the making!


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This is my 1,000th Post in our Forum!

In May 2018 use-IP Ltd will have been in existence for ten years - the company was registered in February 2008, but it took me a few weeks to build a Webshop, Blog & Forum and add some product pages for a few Axis cameras ;)

Here is product page number 1 of the current 6,625:
Axis 206 IP Video Network Camera 0199-003
(0.3 Megapixels, no POE, MJPEG only, minimum low-light = 4 Lux)

You, our customers and site visitors, know me and my team as your 'CCTV Experts'.
But, in order for you to find us and (hopefully) recognise us as that, there's another thing that we have to be pretty good at - websites.
We have to be pretty good at being found on Google.
We have to put a great deal of effort into being 'the best page on the web for' whatever you are looking for (within our niche).

I tell the team that in essence what we are about, is the removal of doubt.

We need to provide the help & information that enables you to make your choices.
We need to put everything that you might want to know on our web pages.
We have to give as much as possible, freely.
We have to provide more than our competitors.
We need to provide it all in the formats that you want - manuals and datasheets in pdfs, YouTube videos, extra photos (more than the manufacturers provide).
The opportunity to leave your thoughts on products, and to read what other people thought about products.
The opportunity to leave your thoughts on our team, and to check what others who have gone before you thought about us.
Somewhere to ask your questions.
Somewhere to seek Technical Support.
Somewhere to contact us.
Some ways of helping you stay up to date e.g. email newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
It all needs to be available 24/7/365 - so that you can do your research when you want to.
And it needs to be optimised, and delivered quickly, in standardised formats - otherwise Google would never bring you here to see it!

So, it was whilst doing some of the always necessary 'Google-pleasing' research a couple of weeks ago (commonly known as SEO - Search Engine Optimisation) that I spotted the statement below pinned to the top of a renowned SEO expert's Twitter feed, and I thought that it summed-up nicely what we endeavour to do:

Awareness Respect and Trust 14-3-18.png

We'll keep working on what Google wants (to find the best web page for you), there are always ways to improve, and dozens of sites like ours competing for your awareness!

I hope that, by continuing to work hard every day on the resources, products and service we provide, our team can earn your respect and trust.

Whether we sell you anything - well, that's your choice ...

Mick Dixon

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Wise words

In all honesty i was about to buy a cctv set-up (hikvision) on ebay, was all ready to push the buy button when my son stopped me, He said dad are you sure those are UK spec, erm not sure was my reply, he turned to me and said i have been doing research/homework on an cctv forum and this company get top feedback.

So we sat down(took days) and went through what we thought we might need, so i left it at that.Few days later my son walks in and say's i sent an email to a bloke about what we required and he has got back to me, oh great was we right and how much will it cost(come on i'm a yorkshireman) I had given myself a budget and this bloke came back just under, yes it was expensive but you get what you pay for.I ordered through my son's account, then set up my own and ordered more:)

What did i get for my money, peace of mind, customer support when i needed it, and a diamond CCTV set-up with expert back up from the company.
Only place i look now is use-ip if i think about getting anything else and the forum is a great place for info

Trust and respect is earnt not paid for

Oh the bloke my son dealt with is called Phil, apparently he know's his stuff:cool:

Glad i didn't press the buy button
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