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Email not triggering


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I have a DS-2CD2042WD-I CAMERA. It is configured for Intrusion Detection and Line Crossing Detection with email alerts and has been working fine for a couple of years. On the 21st March 2020 it stopped sending email alerts. I have run the test email again and I receive the test message no problems. I have checked the logs and the alarm entries are there with start and stop times so the intrusions etc are being detected and the alarms triggered - but emails are for some reason not being sent. It has coincided with a possible increase in 'Illegal Logins' but I gather these are unsuccessful login attempts and my admin password has not been altered. Live View and recording and playback are all still working fine.

I wonder if anyone has had the same problem?
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Not the same problem but I stopped receiving 99% of notifications in HikConnect. I still get them but maybe 1 out of 100. As you say - alarm entries are there, pictures are recorded upon alarm, etc.
However, basic motion detection works fine (just not other types of events).
If I enable email notifications that also works fine - even HikConnect notifications spring back to life :)
Checked my router logs, connections and there is nothing that router blocked (except various attacks, etc).

Strangely it works fine for others on this forum. It also worked fine for me for a long time and then stopped some time at end of last year. It's the same for all cameras I have (G1 family, no NVR)