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First time buyer


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This is my first time buying CCTV camera setup so looking for advise from those in the know please :) Did read "First time buyer" guide but I'm still confused.

We live in a mid terrace house and would like to have two camera setup, one for front door which needs a range of about 5 meters and back of the house to the bottom of the garden is about 15 meters. Back of the house facing the garden is about 6 meters wide and has patio and kitchen back door, my plan is to put one camera in between the two (which I guess will need wide lens). Front of the house has good lighting as there is lamp post about 6 meters from the door, back of the house has no lighting.

I would like some advise and recommendations please which cameras I should be looking to buy, also would like to add that I'm looking to hook these up to my Synology NAS.

Thank for all your help



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Hi @Oggie

For the front door we would recommend a Hikvision 2545 4MP Mini Dome camera as it has a shorter IR range (10m) than most of the other outdoor Hikvision cameras and this makes them perfect for covering the approach to a front or back doors because faces that come very close to the camera will not be as severely whited-out by the IR LEDs.

For the garden, we would recommend a 2345 4MP Darkfighter Turret camera as it offers great day & night performance with its 2-window design separating the IR LEDs from the lens which reduces IR glare whilst increasing IR scene coverage. This video is a different model but will give you an idea of the coverage you will get of a standard garden scene:

The camera in this demo is a 6mm lens and the garden is a roughly 10m wide and it is roughly 15m from the camera to the top of the path where it meets the grass, for your scene the 4mm option will probably give you the most coverage and the highest level of detail in things like faces.

Hikvision cameras will work well with Synology's Surveillance Station software, you can double-check this using the Synology IP camera Compatibility list