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Firstly I am a complete novice with CCTV but need your help please.


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Hello everyone, this is my first post so will try to explain what my issue is.
I currently have 4 cameras recording to a Hard drive and all is working fine both remotely on my iPhone and on my Mac whilst at home.
The software is SmartPSS which is currently running OK on the Mac but will not work with the next version of OSX. (32 bit compared to 64 bit of OSX)
The system was installed professionally by a company who charge me £35 every time i need something tweaking, for example seting it up to work on a laptop.
My question is this: what software (i'm prepared to pay) can i swap to so i can do everything i need to do myself. Set my own passwords etc.
I am thinking of basically removing the whole system leaving the POE wires in place and putting up a Hikvision set that will allow me to start from scratch and set it up myself. But then i will have a system going to waste which im not happy about.
Any views please?
Thank you