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Forgot your Password and/or can't Login to your Milesight Camera/NVR? How to Hard Reset your Milesight Camera/NVR


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Some customers have contacted us saying that for a variety of reasons they can no longer log in to their Milesight cameras and NVRs, unfortunately, Milesight don't have a process for resetting your password and so your only option is to hard reset the device.

Milesight has online guides of How to Hard Reset an NVR and How to Hard Reset a Camera - both guides show you where to find the reset button on every Milesight NVR and camera model.

Hard resetting a camera or NVR means you will lose all the settings you had in place and in the case of the NVR you may have to format HDDs which means losing all your recorded footage.

The best way to avoid being in this situation is to do what the Milesight cameras & NVRs tell you to do upon initial setup, change the devices default password to something unique and then make a note of it somewhere secure.