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Please Read: Forum Rules and Guidelines


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Welcome to our interactive and rapidly expanding community of IP CCTV enthusiasts and the Use-IP Ltd forums.

We are striving to become the principal platform for discussion of all things IP CCTV. If you’re seeking help, inspiration, or just want to share some of your thoughts regarding IP Video, network cameras and CCTV software, then you have brought yourself to right place.

Thanks so much for stopping by, with a special thank you going out to all of the loyal members that have helped to stimulate the growth and success of these forums over the years. To continue taking the strides we have been, and to ensure we remain an enjoyable and valuable environment for all to be a part of, may we ask you to take a moment to read and abide by the following rules and guidelines before posting:

How and why should I become a member?
Creating a members account is completely free and allows you to both observe and post in the forum. This allows you to ask specific questions, suggest solutions for other members, or simply share something IP CCTV related that you think will be of interest to other members!

How do I post or begin a thread in these forums?
You’ll need to create members account if you haven’t done so already. To begin a new thread simply click ‘Post thread…’ in the top-right hand corner of the Forum Homepage. Then, select the category best suited to your post, title the thread with something that sums up your topic, use a prefix if any of the options seem appropriate, compose your post, and click ‘Post thread’ at the bottom. The same method applies for responding within an existing thread, just compose your reply and click ‘Post reply’. You can also use the small floppy disk button at the top of any post that you’re composing to save a draft of your post that you can pick up from later on whenever you navigate back to that page. Please be aware that drafts will disappear after a couple of days

How do I watch or unwatch a particular sub-forum or thread?
Simply click on the ‘Watch’ button found at the top-right corner of any sub-forum or thread. This will allow notifications to be sent to you whenever somebody posts something new in this particular part of the forums so that you don’t miss anything. To unwatch, just click on the button found in the same location that says ‘Unwatch.’

Why hasn’t my thread/post been responded to?
We try to respond to as many posts as we can in the forums and, failing that, another member usually will. If you haven’t received a response to your post then you should revise it to make sure you have written it in a way that is easy to understand, has made your intention or issue clear, that you have posted to the correct part of the forum, that you have supplied as much information as possible, and that the post adheres to all of the rules listed below.

Who moderates the forums?
All of the moderators for these forums are employees at Use-IP Ltd. We have a depth of IP CCTV related knowledge and experience and are committed to keeping the forums a pleasant and helpful environment to be a part of. All moderators therefore reserve the right to deal with misuse of these forums in whichever way they feel suitable.

Why have I been banned/why has my post been removed?
This will probably be due to you using the forums in breach of the rules listed below. Banning specifically will be a result of distributing hate speech, spam, adverts, viruses or malware, explicit or illegal content, trolling, behaving in a harassing manner, or for posting completely off topic to the forums' intended use.

What should I do if I feel somebody is misusing the forum?
If you believe someone is behaving in violation of the rules of conduct listed below, please use the Report, Edit or Spam tools at the bottom of any post in question to notify us of it. Alternatively, please contact us via email at info@use-ip.co.uk with a link to the violating post or profile and we will deal with it immediately.

Rules of use:
  1. Try to use proper punctuation, grammar and spelling when creating a post.
    If your post doesn’t read well, then it’s less likely to get a response. People are more likely to be willing to spend their time replying to a post that they can easily understand and if they feel like the poster has invested some effort in their writing.

  2. Make sure you are posting to the right part of the forum.
    Use the available sub-forums and begin your thread in the one most applicable to the topic in hand. If you’re discussing a particular manufacturer then try to find it in the “Manufacturer Specific Forums”, if it’s not a listed option, then post to the “Other Manufacturers” sub-forum. This will help others to find your post easily.

  3. Use the appropriate prefixes where possible.
    Similar to rule number 2. If one of the available prefixes are appropriate to your topic, please use it! Posts with appropriate prefixes are easier to find, respond to, and help to keep the forums organised.

  4. Give as much information as you can when asking for help.
    The more information supplied, the faster and likelier it is you will get a response with a fix. If we can’t understand the specific problem or don’t have enough information, then it’s unlikely that we will be able to help. Please try to include manufacturers, model numbers, what you’re trying to do, how your setup looks, what you’ve tried so far, and screenshots or pictures wherever possible.

  5. Search the forums for similar threads before creating one.
    To save everybody’s time (including your own) use the search function to see if your question has already been answered in a previous thread. If a thread that is the same as your own already exists, then the chances are that you’ll just be directed to it anyway.

  6. Make sure the title of your thread relates to its topic.
    The thread title should summarise what you’re saying in the main body of the post below it. This allows us to keep things organised and for everyone to scan them quickly for those posts they’re able to respond to. Threads with unhelpful titles are more likely to go left without a response.

  7. Do not duplicate posts, write IN ALL CAPS or in bold unnecessarily in attempt to draw more attention to your post.
    In fact, it will probably have the opposite effect. If you shout at someone in public then they’re going to be far more reluctant to engage in conversation with you, the same concept applies in these forums.

  8. Do not hijack topics/threads or post things unrelated to the original subject matter.
    This is misleading and not helpful to anyone, we aim to always keep threads on topic. Please create a new thread if you wish to discuss a different topic.

  9. Do not necropost.
    If you have an issue that relates to a very old thread, we ask you to create a new thread to discuss it rather than resurrecting an old, abandoned one. This prevents threads becoming too long and difficult to follow. Information provided in old threads is also likely to be outdated and irrelevant. You’re likely to find more success in quoting or linking the old post in question in a fresh thread.

  10. If quoting a previous post in your response, please try to use only the necessary part of the original quote that reflects what you’re saying.
    We’re all human and therefore all have relatively short attention spans – usually too short to read through a huge chunk of quoted text. Posts are much easier to respond to when quotes within them are short and specific, doing so helps keeps discussion within each thread fluid.

  11. Do not give any personal information when posting (including email addresses, passwords, device serial numbers and any IP address you have ‘port-forwarded’).
    Remember that these are public forums. For your own safety, do not post any information you consider to be sensitive.

  12. Make sure any videos or photos you use (including avatars) are appropriate and inoffensive.
    If attaching an image or video to a post please ensure it has relevance to the thread topic and that you give a brief explanation as to what the picture/video contains. Any avatar used or media distributed within the forums that can be deemed obscene, defamatory, provoking or displays violence/illegality will be dealt with appropriately by the forums’ Moderators.

  13. Uploading of or linking to files that contain malware or viruses is strictly prohibited.
    We value all forum members and their online security highly. Posts containing harmful files, or links to them, will be removed immediately and any member responsible banned.

  14. Do not post spam, adverts or negotiate private sales in these forums.
    There forums are a platform for discussion, not sales. Spam and ads are just an irritant to us al. If you wish to arrange a sale with someone, please do so privately. Any breach of this rule will result in banning.

  15. Keep all criticism constructive.
    Criticisms and suggestions are essential for improvement, when valid and well-reasoned. By all means highlight something you disagree with, but please make suggestions for improvements when you do so. Criticism for the sake of criticising is not helpful. If you wish to suggest a correction then please either do so in the thread in question, or create a new thread and quote the appropriate post/thread followed by your suggestions for improvement.

  16. Be respectful of all those that have chosen to join the community – we are all equal.
    We consider civility to be compulsory in these forums and do not tolerate personal attacks or rudeness toward any other member. Nobody is a more deserving member of our community that someone else – everybody has something to offer. Please do not belittle or patronise the less experienced members, you might be turning to these guys for help in the future!

  17. We do not tolerate hate speech, bigotry, trolling or harassment of any kind
    Denigrating opinions and tormenting behaviour are completely unwelcome here. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any content that incites prejudice towards a group based disability, colour, national origin, religion, sexuality or gender/gender identity. This policy also applies to content that is sexually explicit, slanderous, or invasive of privacy.

  18. Illegal activity or any discussion of such is strictly prohibited
    This includes discussing methods of piracy, hacking, cracking or anything else unlawful and will result in banning from the forums