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Hanwha Techwin COVID-19 Solutions


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Due to the current climate it is likely that social distancing and other safety rules will be in place for a while yet, because of this Hanwha Techwin have created new technologies to help businesses to run as smoothly as possible. Both Occupancy Monitoring and Face Mask Detection have been designed to be used with the Wisenet P series AI Cameras.

Occupancy Monitoring has been designed to provide highly accurate data on the number of people in an area/on site at any time. This technology is particularly useful for retail, hospitality, leisure facilities, offices and health centres. The application counts the amount of people entering and leaving a building, when the maximum number of people are inside the area the application generates alarm outputs that can control automatic doors as well as generating 'wait' or 'enter' text that can be displayed on a monitor.

- Easily control number of people on a site
- Helping to comply with social distancing rules
- Clear messages and signs to customers
- Can cover multiple entrances and exits
- License-free

Face Mask Detection has been designed to protect both staff and members of the public by recognising incorrectly worn masks and when masks are not being worn at all. This detection can help businesses with ensuring people are correctly wearing a face mask by integrating a speaker or alarm devices with the P series AI cameras.

- Detects individuals incorrectly or not wearing a face mask
- Control adherence to health and safety requirements
- Immediate alarm output to an integrated speaker and other alarm devices
- Easy configuration through device web interface
- No server required
- License-free onboard analytics suite

For more information on both technologies please see attached brochures and the Hanwha Techwin website.


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