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Hello, looking for some camera advice


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Hi all,

I'm pretty new to this but have been doing some reading and had some wifi ip indoor foscam cameras for a few years, so not coming into this completely cold. Ive also been doing some reading on here and ipct (including their cliff notes) to become more informed and more confused in equal measure ;)

I'm basically looking to buy likely 4 outdoor cameras (probably turrets), 5mp or greater, PoE cabled, good IR performance with moderate range

I've got a few smart home bits (google home, nest heating, lightwaverf, hue with some ifttt rules going on) so would want some smart capabilities (trigger an action like lighting on motion or no motion, e.g. turn lights off, ask google home to display camera x on Chromecast).

I use ispy sw on pc so more interested in that rather than nvr (though hearing good things about bi so will probably switch to that

There seem to be 2 camps, very easy to use consumer centric smart cameras (Arlo, Ubiquiti, nest, logitech, blink...) are limited to 1080p and/or wireless or battery powered and often lock you in to a subscription, and the more high end camera (Hik, Dahua...) to use with NVR or SW solution. I guess I want to straddle those 2 camps with both quality and support for some smart use cases.

Therefore welcome any guidance on something that might fit my needs. Ipct seemed to favour Dahua, whereas here you seem to favour Hik (and more recently Mikesight). Price per camera <£200 so something like Hik 2355 is probably about right but thia range is nearing 2 years old now(?) and doesnt tick the "smart home" box perhaps as easily as others

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Welcome any ideas anyone may have. There seems to be a wealth of experience I'm tapping into here and just really starting my journey into proper CCTV following a spate of burglaries in the local area, so open to suggestions

Thanks in advance,


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It is split exactly as you describe it.
Products intended for consumers, up to 2MP.
Professional product ranges above that.

As yet, I am seeing very little sign of integration with Google Home / Amazon Echo from the Pro brands that we work with.

Dahua have a range called Imou (formerly Lechange) and this video caught my eye the other day:

But, as you say, currently only up to 2MP.
Also, I am not yet seeing much availability for this range in the UK.
Imou | Enjoy Smart Life

Hikvision will be leading with their HiLook range for budget CCTV, but I assume that they will also continue to offer EZVIZ.

There are many, similar:
Swann - Security Made Smarter

Foscam Global

Arlo Smart Home

Wisenet Home Security

Plus; Blink, Canary, Nest and many others ...

And new ones coming down the kickstarter path regularly:
eufyCam: The Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery

FWIW - I can't get past the idea of those magnetic mounts outdoors!