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Help DS-7608NI-I2-8P ahhhhhhhhhhh


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Hi Guys,
So I had a working system with the above NVR connected to 2 x 8mp Turrets, this was on test on my work bench.
I even had it workin to the Hik Connect.
I’ve just changed internet providers to a company called Zen.
At the same time I purchased a 3rd camera to hook up so I could have all 3 on test.
This is were it’s gone bad.
I tried amending the network set up to my new providers details and was having problems so I thought I would factory reset the NVR and start again as previously.
I think I have it now working on the network but my initial 2 x cams aren’t working correctly.
They are both reporting “user name or password is wrong”
The 3rd is showing on live view but it’s not configured yet.
I suspect I’ve input something wrong on the activation screen but I’m unsure as I believe I have the correct password.
Help, how can I reset this back to default with the NVR and cams or is there a simple way to recover?
I’m pulling my hair out.


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No, how do you do that?
If they are 23x5 or 23x3 Turret cameras then you can find the hard reset button under the MicroSD cover (shown below), you may have to rotate the turret ball quite a bit to access this cover.


Once you have access to the reset button you will want to disconnect the camera from the power, then hold down the reset button, reconnect the power and continue to hold the reset button for a further 10-15 seconds. The camera will then reboot and after about 30-60 seconds the camera will either appear on the network as inactive (if you have the camera connect to a switch) or it will appear as active on the NVR camera config page (if you have the camera directly connected to the PoE ports on the NVR).