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Hik CCTV system design advice please


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Good morning

Im in the design stage of a Hik IP CCTV system & would be highly greatful if somebody could cast there eyes over the design & confirm it would work.

Building Number 1

DS-9632NI-I8 32 IP NVR 320mbps inbound traffic , dual Nic
1 x 8MP Darkfighter Turret H265+ @ 15fps (4mbps total traffic)
1 x 4MP Turret H265+ @ 15fps (2.8mbs total traffic)
1 x 8 way POE switch connected to nic port 1 ( 7mbps traffic from above cameras)

Building Number 2
4 x 8MP Darkfighter Turret H265+ @ 15fp (16mbps total traffic)
11 x 4MP Turret H265+ @ 15fps (31mbs total traffic)
1 x 24way POE connected to nic port 2 via UBIQUITI-NBE-5AC-GEN2/
WIRELESS CCTV BRIDGE 450MBP TX-RX ( 47mbs traffic from above cameras)

A CCTV wifi bridge is being used as there are no way of getting cables between buidling 1 & 2 , distance between buildings is 20 metres with a clear line of sight , with the H265+ capabilites of the NVR & Cameras , im worried the wifi bridge wont work , but at 47mbps it should be able to transmit that amount of data between the buildings. Also once the recorder goes into 16 way live split how much bandwith would i have to accomodate for the sub stream or will this be the main stream. Also would i benefit from connecting the WiFi bridge to the unlink port of the 24way switch.

Thanks in advance
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