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Hik-Connect portal error message "No device is found. Make sure that the serial No. is correct and the device is connected properly."


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The thread title is what you will see at Hikvision's Hik-Connect portal if it is unable to find your Hikvision device online.

Briefly, when you enable Platform Access on a Hikvision device (typically an NVR, but you can just add a camera) then the device 'calls home' to the Hik-Connect portal and identifies itself, and provides information that the portal needs to know to route you to the device when you attempt to access it from the Hik-Connect App on your phone or tablet.

Here's a list of things that we commonly come across that prevent this from working properly, resulting in you seeing the error message in the title:

  1. No DNS entries in the device's Network Settings.
    1. People commonly use Google's DNS servers; Preferred = / Alternate =
    2. It can be useful to tick the 'Auto DNS' check box, which will configure your router as the DNS server (I have seen this automatically correct errors where a customer thought they knew and entered their router address correctly, but in fact entered the wrong router/gateway address).
  2. In Configuration -> Network -> Advances Settings -> Platform Access you must select Hik-Connect and tick the 'enable' check box.
  3. You will also need to set a Verification Code on this page. Write it down and keep it safe. You will need to enter it when you add your device to your account at the Hik-Connect portal (at www.hik-connect.com )
  4. An error in the Hik-connect url on the Platform Access page - normally dev.hik-connect.com is used.
  5. An incorrect router address (known as the Gateway Address on the Network Settings page).
    1. How to find your router and PC's IP address using a Windows PC
    2. How to find your router and Mac's IP address using a Mac
  6. An incorrect device IP address or duplicate device IP address - your NVR (or camera) must be the only device using the IP address that you have set. That IP address must be correct within your domain range. We also often see typos in IP addresses. It may be best to use DHCP initially to let your router set a correct address for your NVR/camera.
  7. Entering the wrong serial number - Hikvision serial numbers for Hik-Connect are shown on their product labels.
  8. Forgetting to click 'Save' after making any of the required setup settings.
  9. Old firmware - we always recommend that you check Hikvision's portal for the latest firmware for your devices.
    1. Finding the latest Hikvision firmware for your NVR
    2. Finding the latest Hikvision firmware for your camera
    3. Finding the latest Hikvision firmware for your PTZ
  10. On rare occasions, your Internet Service Provider e.g. BT Business may prevent the service from functioning normally
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