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Hiki - A Simple CCTV NVR for Hikvision cameras


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Hi all,

I've just uploaded a basic CCTV network video recording application to Github, I wonder if it would be of any use to users on here.

Rather than having a web interface, doing motion detection and lots of other complicated things in software, it just focuses on streaming the files to disk in the most useful way. It has the following features:

- Records a continuous stream into a dated directory structure split into configurable file length.
- Hooks into the event API to record motion events simultaneously with the 24x7 recording, allowing you to purge these much later to preserve space.
- Saves thumbnail images for a media library
- Executes a command after a recording - intended to push the latest recording to the cloud/plex
- A single configuration file for all cameras

It runs in docker, or you can install it natively on a Linux machine.

It is designed to work with a recent Hikvision IP camera, so I presume it works with most. I would be interested to hear which it works with so I can update the compatibility page. It will require a certain level of knowledge to get up and running, but should be simple to maintain once it is working.

GitHub - refinitive/hiki: Hiki - CCTV Network Video Recorder

Thanks for reading this, fingers crossed it works out of the box. Any problems please get back to me. I posted this to CCTV forum last week but thought I'd cross post here in case there is a different audience.