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Hikvision, Audio and Users for GDPR


New Member
Hi All,
I’m wondering if anyone has a solution. I’m asking for help as my own tinkering hasn’t given me a solution. We have a hikvision setup with an in-house NvR with its preinstalled software and 16 cams, but for GDPR we do need audio availability only on a per user basis so only one admin person can ever hear sound, recorded and live. It’s all about this personal data now. We have sorted everything else for GDPR for the cams, just this one audio issue left to solve. We really don’t wish to disable sound recording completely, for security reasons, but must control who can access sound. I’m wondering if the software somwhere has that capability or perhaps an updated version. Eg admin can hear sound and view prerecorded sound through either usual app (IVMS 4500] or by browser, but a user can’t hear sound at all on both methods. Is that possible with the hikvision nvr software (or with some tinkering or another software). Anyone has a solution for audio per user?


Staff member
Sorry, I can't recall such granular user permissions setup on anything I've used (mind you, it's not something you'd notice unless you were specifically looking for it).
I think you'd need to check with a few software providers, such as Milestone and Luxriot.
You could check with HikVision Tech Support whether they have plans for such a feature in their IVMS-4200 / HikCentral software.