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Hikvision Core Technologies

With new and improved technologies being introduced it can often cause confusion for the users when it comes to selecting the camera/s that best suit their needs. In this post I am breaking down the technologies and explaining them in further detail.

Hikvision have many employees in R&D and so are constantly developing new technologies and improving on their existing technologies in their cameras and NVRs. Four of their core technologies are:
- AcuSense
- ColorVu
- DarkFighter
- H.265+


AcuSense stands for Accurate Sensing; this technology's primary application is target classification. Deep learning algorithms mean that this technology is able to distinguish people and vehicles from other moving targets, taking alarm accuracy and search efficiency to a new level.

A big issue for customers has been false alarms; previous cameras have had problems with distinguishing between different types of moving objects which result in false alarms. AcuSense Technology classifies objects into three categories: human, vehicle and other. False Alarm Reduction reducing up to 90% of false alarm alerts and Quick Target Search saves time by flagging footage of people or vehicles automatically, preventing users from having to search through all footage manually.

AcuSense technology can be used in a wide range of applications such as; car parks, offices, parks etc.


ColorVu means Colourful Views; this technology which is based on a large iris, high-performance sensor and gentle supplement lighting produces vivid colour images 24/7 even in zero-light environments.

A main concern for customers is a cameras performance in low-light conditions, as traditionally cameras have not performed as well at night. Standard cameras may lose important details by rendering black and white images, as colours missing can actually be very important information in certain contexts.

Featuring advanced lenses with F1.0 aperture and high performance sensor to utilise more light to produce brighter images. The cameras built-in environmentally friendly supplement lighting works to ensure colourful images.

ColorVu technology can be used in many applications such as warehouses, car parks and offices etc.


Hikvision's ultra-low-light technology, DarkFighter cameras use specifically designed nearly 1/2 inch sensors, yielding better photosensitivity, a high S/N ratio and increased wide dynamic range. This greatly improves the light passing quantity, an essential component in better low light performance.

The combination of larger sensor, improved lens design and multiple advanced technologies provides excellent all-round daytime images as well as high-quality images in dark environments.

Please note: although Darkfighter technology has extreme light sensitivity it still needs ambient light such as the moon in order to function.


H.265+ compression is now a feature of the majority of Hikvision cameras, this codec is an optimised video encoding technology based on H.265 (HEVC) format. H.265+ video quality is very similar to H.265 (HEVC) however has a reduced bandwidth and storage capacity, this is thanks to three key technologies:
- Prediction encoding
- Noise suppression
- Flexible bitrate control

This codec supports various and accurate VCA functions such as;
- Intrusion
- Line crossing
- Face detection
- Scene change
- Auto tracking (PTZs) etc

The main reason most customers want to use H.265+ compression is due to the decreased file size. When tested over a 24 hour period using H.265+ gives you an 83% saving over H.264 and a saving of 67.3% over H.265 compression.

Hopefully this has helped with understanding each technology, if you need any assistance with selecting the products for your system please contact us via online chat, phone or email sales@use-ip.co.uk and we would be happy to help.
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