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Hikvision default password


Staff member
Hikvision cameras and NVRs have not had a default password for some years now.
Hikvision force you to set a unique and strong password when your first activate your camera or recorder.
This is the recommended more secure practice, and plays a part in preventing hacking attacks.

If you should forget, lose, or just not know your Hikvision password you will need to reset it.

If your camera or recorder has a reset button, then you can use that to reset ALL settings to factory default - in which case you will then need to reconfigure your settings afterwards:
How to Reset a HikVision IP camera using the pushbutton

Alternatively, you can work through Hikvision's password reset procedure using their SADP utility:
How to Reset the Password of your Hikvision Camera/NVR in 5 steps using the SADP Tool

Please Note - we can only assist our own customers with the password reset process.
If you did not purchase your Hikvision devices from us at use-IP Ltd you will need to contact your reseller or Hikvision Technical Support:
Contact Us - Hikvision UK & Ireland