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HikVision DVR recording to cloud issue


New Member
Hi all! can someone help me with this?

I have a HikVision DVR model DS-7208HUHI-K1, and a few weeks ago I successfully set it up with the Google Drive, however since last days the DVR no longer connect to Drive and when I tried to reconfigure it the Google webpage says: "Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app"

I've also tried to use DropBox, I can set it up but the connection is only partial, the DVR can connect with the account but it can't save images or recordings because it don't recognize the account name or its space.

my last option was OneDrive, also without success, I've successfully authorized it to use my account but I can't get the code to use in the DVR, it's supposed to be in the address bar just after the permissions to use was given but instead I get redirected to the OneDrive developers page of Microsoft (the end of the URL used to authorize the DVR is "redirect_uri=https:/dev.onedrive.com/dx/callback.html", maybe something changed?)

Any ideas to get this working? I considered to upgrade the firmware (the loaded version is v3.5.35) but I saw cases of users in this forum with the same DVR model that ended bricked even without having a gray market S/N.

Thanks in advance!


Staff member
Sorry, we at use-IP have no experience that can help with this.
We only offer IP cameras and NVRs.
None of these offer backup to the cloud.

Hopefully, another forum user will be able to offer you some advice / experience.