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Hikvision Intercom SIP question


New Member
Hi, I have just installed a KV8413-WME1 door station with four KH6320-WTE1 indoor stations. The system is set up and is working great with a combination of wifi and ethernet connections. I have an additional KH6320-WTE1 indoor station that I would like to use as an extension for one of the existing units. I have followed the procedure to switch the extension unit to extension mode and entered the IP for the station I would like to extend. The extension does not function (it appears on IVMS but does not ring). It shows the error "Authentication failed. Please check if SIP password is correct."
So basically I do not have a separate SIP server set up. I have created SIP passwords for all devices but the SIP server is set to Do I need additional hardware to simply use an extension? In addition, all of the other units show a SIP error icon in the upper right corner but they all function as intercoms without issue. I am somewhat familiar with SIP and was considering creating a raspberry pi asterisk server but is that really necessary to allow for a basic function like creating an extension? There seems to be something I'm missing, any help would be appreciated.


Staff member
Hi @economycar

I do not know why you would be seeing this error, we have only ever worked with the modular Intercom range and they only require the steps you have done and a SIP address is not required so I do not know why with the Villa Door Station you are being asked for it.

What firmware version is your Villa Door Station running currently?