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HikVision NVR: DS-7732NI-I4(B): "B" revision ?


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Local seller has "B" revision, which is different to plain "DS-7732NI-I4":
  1. HDMI output: 2 ports vs. 1
  2. eSATA port (doesn`t exist on DS-7732NI-I4)
Description in English: https://www.sensorsecurity.co.za/app/uploads/2019/02/DS-7732NI-I4B.pdf
Description at Hikvision website(RU): https://hikvision.ru/media/storage/passport/2xxx/ds-7732ni-i4b.pdf (model is not shown for non-EE regions)
Mentioned at FW release notes: External_NVR_V4.1.70_Build181114__Release%20Notes.pdf
Description of plain "DS-7732NI-I4" (non-B): http://www1.hikvision.com/upload/20170115005247708.pdf

  1. Are there underlying HW updates ?
    Obviously, there`s eSATA output, previously reserved only for 8-/9- model series.
    Are there any other differences, like CPU update or H.265+-specific HW acceleration, not available in first revision ?

  2. Is it normal practice for HikVision to produce several HW revisions of the same model range, over the time ?
    DS-7700NI-I4 models are on market for a few years now.
    As far as I understood, within that price range, it is still the latest HikVision model range.

  3. It this model legit ?
    I`m a bit disturbed by the fact that this model is not available worldwide.
    If it happens that it requires "special" FW, which is updated rarely or never, I won`t purchase it.

  4. Is "DS-7700NI-I4" at the end of its production/support cycle ? Is "B" revision likely to be supported longer ?
    If official info is not available, perhaps some guesses can be made from how long previous models were supported.
This is my first IP surveillance project, done for myself.
Max. count of cameras, including future expansion: 16 (all HikVision, powered by PoE switches)
DS-7716NI-I4 may be sufficient for me, however I don`t like to push HW to its maximum and there`s no (B) revision for 16-channel version.

Thanks in advance,