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Hikvision NVR Lost Live View Sub-Stream, But Works On Camera Directly?


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I have lost my sub-stream after a reboot of the swtich/camera. I can be logged into the NVR and the camera at the same time. When logged into the camera I can view the main and sub stream no problem. When I select the substream in the NVR/configuration menu for the same channel camera, I get "The camera does not support the function." The main full resolution stream works fine. HikConnect app works fine as well.

IVMS4200 on a separate PC is also reporting Error Code HCNetSDK.dll[91].

To correct the issue of have:

-rebooted the camera

-rebooted the NVR

-removed and re-added the camera in the NVR

-lowered the resolution and frame rate for the sub-stream

No settings were changed, but the PoE switch was rebooted. I think I updated the switch firmware as well. I really do not want to reset the camera and set it back up, but that seems to be the only solution I am finding. More of band-aid really.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I'm seeing something similar. I have 1 camera that every now and then disappears from my NVR. Plugging it into a different LAN socket brings it back. Now for some reason, I can view it full screen in iVMS-4200 but when I set it to a small window it says it has an error connecting. I'm assuming the smaller window is the sub stream.