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Hikvision NVR won't detect my Hikvision camera?


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Hikvision NVR won't detect my Hikvision camera

Lately we've been seeing an influx of people who've been having issues with their NVRs failing to detect their Hikvision cameras so I thought I'd create a thread that would cover the most common cause of this that we encounter. I will of course keep this thread updated with any other common causes of this issue.

An overwhelming majority of the times this issue occurs it is caused by a firmware mismatch between the NVR and IP camera when using Plug'n'Play.

In April 2015 Hikvision released a firmware update for both their NVRs (V3.3.x for the E series) and IP cameras (V5.3 for the 2 series) that necessitated the devices be activated with a strong password. This is of course a beneficial change, but due to the way in which the NVR tries to add a camera when using the PoE ports on the back of the device it has caused all sorts of compatibility issues if one of the devices is on the updated firmware and the other is on firmware before the password update. This is especially relevant now as many of our customers have existing products on older firmware and have since began to expand their system and introduce new cameras that will come with the latest firmware installed.

Hikvision have created a guide here that refers to device activation after the update.

The section "Front-End Device Activation by Back-End Device" is particularly relevant to many users who try to plug their device into the PoE ports on the back of the NVR before activating them or updating the firmware of their NVR.

Essentially, the NVR will try to communicate with a camera using the NVRs password when it is plugged into one of the PoE ports of the device and if the camera is inactive, the NVR will try to activate it using its own password. If the NVR is on previous firmware, the password set by the user might not be classified as strong as it was not necessary at the time of creation. Thus, the camera rejects the password and the NVR, making it impossible to add. Furthermore, if the camera has previously been activated (by accessing it via SADP or a web browser or iVMS 4200) and a password has been set that doesn't match the NVRs password then the camera will once again reject the device.

The easiest solution here is to upgrade the firmware of the outdated device.

This is something you should do anyway as firmware updates provide vital fixes and security changes to your device (such as this one) unless there is a problem with the latest firmware and your setup. You will likely need to update the password of your NVR to a stronger one after you next start the device.

Please feel free to leave a reply if you need any further help, or drop me an email at krd@use-ip.co.uk and I'll be happy to assist.
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