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Hikvision NVR7604 with "Expert" motion detection - resets to basic daily


New Member
I've enabled motion detection on the NVR (through the web interface). Then I have logged in to each camera and switched motion detection to 'Expert' and configured the various zones and sensitivity required.

This then works great - for about 24 hours.

Then, the cameras all switch back to normal motion detection - the same as configured on the NVR.

I then login to each camera and switch back to 'Expert' motion detection and all is good again for 24 hours.

I assume the NVR is pushing it's config periodically to keep things in sync - but this includes going back to 'Normal'.

This is a problem - I can find lots of references on here about using 'Expert' mode - but none seem to mention anything about the config resyncing back to what is configured in the NVR periodically.

Have I missed something obvious?

DS-7604NI-K1 / 4P(B) (V4.30.000 build 200508)
DS-2CD2145FWD-I (V5.6.3 build 190923) x 3



Staff member
Hi @philcam

We tested the issue you were having on our own system and found a similar problem, we have spoken to Hikvision support and they have explained the situation with Normal & Expert Motion Detection.

Basically, the NVR does not support Expert Motion Detection and as you had theorised above when the camera is connected to the NVR the NVR settings take over from the camera settings. Hikvision support has recommended that the simplest solution to this issue is to use Intrusion Detection as an NVR equivalent to Expert Motion Detection.