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Hikvision rtsp streaming


New Member
a customer of mine has a NVR Hikvision, collecting different signals coming from different sources, as explained below (logical schema can be found attached).

There are 8 IP Cameras that stream the video signal via Internet to the NVR (no Audio signal is sent by the cameras).
Apart from the video signal coming from the cameras, the customer has a MIC directly connected to the NVR using the RCA input (the MIC is not a component of the network).

The NVR output signal is then sent over IP to a router, and then to an antenna.

I have been asked to capture from the output signal (the one sent to the antenna) only the Audio signal (for testing purposes I used VLC).
However, so far I was able to capture the video signal only, using the rtsp streaming protocol:
* Video of camera 1: rtsp://<username>:<password>@<NVR_IP>:554/Streaming/Channels/202
* Video of camera 2: rtsp://<username>:<password>@<NVR_IP>:554/Streaming/Channels/302
* Video of camera 8: rtsp://<username>:<password>@<NVR_IP>:554/Streaming/Channels/902

How can I get the audio ? Is there a particular channels where it is sent ?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

I attached the logical schema. VLC should be able to distinguish the audio signal from the NVR output signal (the blue arrow going to the router).


Thank you