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Hikvision's SADP Tool

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Everything you need to know about Hikvision's SADP tool:
(link to latest version download at the end of the text)
  1. SADP is a basic software tool for finding Hikvision devices on your network
  2. It scans your network and looks for devices by MAC address - all manufacturers have a MAC address convention they can recognise as their own
  3. It will produce a table showing those devices
  4. One device per row in that table
  5. If you tick the box to the left of the row for any device, it will populate the fly-out at the right with the settings for that device - you can edit them there
  6. It allows you within that row to see lots of information about the device e.g. full serial number, current firmware version, IP addresses, etc
  7. By default SADP opens in a small pop-up view - you'll need to maximise it to full screen size to see all the info without a lot of sideways scrolling
  8. It is free to download - link at the bottom of this post
  9. There is no Apple Mac version of SADP - you can achieve its functions from within the Mac version of Hikvision's iVMS-4200 software
    1. How to activate and view a Hikvision camera on a Mac
  10. SADP stands for Search Active Devices Protocol
  11. It lets you activate and set a password for your Hikvision devices
  12. It lets you enter your router's IP address so that your device can join the network (Hikvision refer to your router as a 'gateway')
  13. It lets you either use DHCP to give your Hikvision device a valid IP address or set a fixed IP address of your choosing
  14. If you need to reset the password for a Hikvision device which does not have a physical reset button, then you will need to use SADP's 'forgot password' feature to export a file which you send to your supplier. They will in turn send this to Hikvision Technical Support and obtain a password reset file for you to import via SADP. Please note that when doing this - your device must remain powered-on from start to completion (the device's powered-on time is used as part of the security checks when resetting passwords) - click for our SADP password reset tutorial (NB - screengrabs are from an earlier software version)
  15. It will not show cameras which are directly connected to your NVR - only those devices on the same network as your PC (within the same domain range)
  16. The manual for this SADP software tool is attached below
  17. There's a video from our YouTube channel below that covers using SADP to find a Hikvision device on your network

You can download the latest version of Hikvision's SADP tool from their portal here (V3.0.0.100 at the time of writing):



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