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How-to: How do I access my Synology Box & cameras via my Android device?

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In this guide I will be going over the Apps available for android from Synology which work with their NAS Devices.

Instead of having one Base app with multiple features imbedded, Synology has opted to release separate apps for altering features. If you want full functionality of your Synology box then you will need to download the corresponding apps from the play store.

The apps in order are as listed

DS File - Access your documents stored in the "shared" and other folders on your NAS
DS Audio - Access, and listen to audio files on your NAS
DS Photo+ - Access and view Photos on your NAS, can set to auto 'Update' To automatically upload photos.
DS Video - Access and view videos on your NAS
DS Finder - View the status of your NAS from anywhere. Start up or shut down the NAS remotely.
DS Cloud - Control settings for Cloud Station on the NAS
DS Download - View downloads, search torrents and download them via the NAS
DS Cam - Access and view cameras in surveillance station, take screenshots and live view.
DS Note - create diary entries, share messages or keep notes stored via the NAS

The key focus of this Tutorial will be the DS Cam app. I will briefly go over some features of the DS File app, as it can be used in conjunction with DS Cam.

First of all, you will need to have your Synology box set up, with a working IP address configured. If you aren't sure what the IP address of your Synology box is, then head over to find.synology.com to scan your network for Synology Devices.

Once you have the IP address, Open the app. You will see a log in screen.

By default, you will want to enter the IP address of the Synology box. If you have a QuickConnect ID (set up within Synology) you may use this instead. The username and password are the same that you use to log in to Synology, by default this is;
Username: Admin
(password is blank)

HTTPS is a slightly different way of connecting to the Synology box. It is not essential to tick this box, especially if you are on a trusted network. It will encrypt your data and what you do on the Synology box which is handy when you are on a less secure network.

Once you have logged in, you will be greeted with a screen that should display any cameras that you have added to Synology via the Web interface. Unfortunately, from the app, you can't add extra cameras, but you can Live view and also take screenshots which are saved directly to your android device. You also have access to previous recordings from all the cameras added.

A really neat feature recently added to the app allows you to very quickly switch between two different IP addresses that you've previously viewed. If you own multiple Synology boxes, or want to switch to the external IP address, you are able to do it with one button. Further to this, the apps work in conjunction with each other meaning you don't have to enter the IP address on each app.

This just about covers the extent of DS Cams features, so i'll quickly go over DS File now.

After using DS Cam, if you head over to DS File, you'll find that the IP address you last viewed in DS Cam will be filled in already. When y0u log in, you'll be greeted with an interface showing you the files on your Synology Box.

Opening the file of the corresponding camera will display a list of folders by date/time. Inside these files you can open the recorded video files, download them to your iPhone or delete them from your Synology box.

Being able to download recorded files is a useful feature to have if you wish to present footage to anyone without having access to a PC.

This basically covers the extent of Synology Apps that are useful for surveillance. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask below.
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