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How-to: How do I add a Milesight camera or NVR to the M-Sight Pro app in 11 easy steps?

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Here's how to add & view Milesight cameras on the M-Sight Pro app using P2P, in easy to follow steps:

Step 1: Download the M-sight Pro app to your mobile device (available for both Android & iOS).

Step 2: Login to the camera, using Internet Explorer on a PC or Safari on your Mac, and go to Configuration -> System.

Step 3: Copy the camera's MAC address and paste it into an e-mail to Milesight Tech Support (support.eu@milesight.com) asking them to activate the camera for P2P connection.

Step 4: Wait for a confirmation from them that your camera has been activated.

Step 5: Go to the Maintenance tab and click reboot to activate the camera's P2P connection.

Step 6: Go back to the System tab and you should now see a QR Code (if not you may need to log out of the camera and then log back in).

Step 7: Open the app and go to the top left menu and tap "Device Manager".

Step 8: Click the top right menu and select "Scan QR Code".

Step 9: Scan the QR Code on your computer screen using the app (you may have to hold your phone in landscape position to scan successfully).

Step 10: Enter the cameras username and password and then click the save button in the top right of the screen if the scan is successful (saving the camera may not work initially but keep trying and it should save with the 2nd/3rd attempt).

Step 11: Add the saved cameras to the app live view on the home screen (again like the previous step the camera may not connect the first time, but if you keep trying and maybe even close the app and reopen it the connection should be made after a few attempts).

Make sure with this final step that your phone is connected to a strong Wi-Fi signal to make the connection easier.

If you already have a system setup with a Milesight NVR then the process is much easier as the NVR doesn't require you to contact Milesight to enable P2P. All you have to do is log in to the NVR, go to settings -> Network -> and click the P2P tab, on this page you will see a tick box to enable P2P, tick the box and click save. P2P is now activated and you scan the QR code and then follow the steps as above to add the NVR to the app.

IMPORTANT - if you get an error when enabling P2P on the NVR, then go back to the 'BASIC' tab in the network section and make sure at the bottom of the page that the DNS server is set to

Watch our video tutorial for more help:
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