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How-to: How do I connect a Hikvision camera to a Synology NAS?

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Hi all,

Recently we've come across this very helpful document produced by Hikvision US that details how to mount a camera to record to a Synology NAS via both the NFS and CIFS mounting options.

It explains how to set it up, as well as the benefits and pitfalls of both options - definitely worth a read if you're struggling!

Synology have produced their own VMS package we recommend called Surveillance Station which you can download for free from Package Centre if you have a Synology NAS. This document details how to mount the cameras to your NAS directly as opposed to adding them simply with Surveillance Station.


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A few update snippets based upon a customer's experience today:

He raised this query, so I pointed him to the above Post and document:

I recently bought a Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I from you. It's all installed and working for live view as expected - but I have one issue, which is that it won't record.

I already have a Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I, also purchased from you, and this is working completely as expected. I have the 2332 configured to record to a shared folder on my NAS which is a Synology DS211J. The shared folder was created specifically for the 2332. Once the folder is created on the NAS, the storage management settings are created and tested on the 2332, and all has been working fine for at least a year.

With the purchase of the 2342, I followed exactly the same approach - created a new shared folder on the NAS, set the storage management attributes on the 2342, and clicked to 'format HD'. This appears to work correctly and immediately after the format, the status on the 'HDD management' tab on the 2342 shows 'Normal'. However, if I click away to some other setting, and then return to HDD management, the status is shown as 'Uninitialised'.

I've tried setting all of this several times, including rebooting the camera and the NAS. There is plenty of space available on the NAS. Where am I going wrong please?​

From the above document he was able to work out this solution:

This document gave me the clue that I needed to solve the problem: it turns out that disk quotas are set at a user level when you're using CIF for recording; if you have more than one camera writing to the same NAS, then you need to create one user per camera, so that you can set the disk quota for each camera. My mistake was to assume that one NAS user could be used for both cameras, but as soon as I reconfigured everything to have one user per camera, it all sprang into life.
As ever, hope it helps ...


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Just sharing some experience I had...

I couldn't get my Hikvision camera to mount a Samba-shared volume on my Ubuntu server NAS as a Net HDD. Frustrating as NAS volume size, quota, permissions all seemed OK.

So instead I decided to try sharing the NAS volume via NFS. And the Hik mounted it first time. Hurrah! So if you're running an Ubuntu server as a NAS but running in to problems mounting a volume as a Net HDD, perhaps use NFS rather than SMB...

I left the Samba share in place too, so I can also access the Hik video files on the NAS through my Windows PC.
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