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How do I link my NVR To an electric barrier and open it via the alarm output?



We have an electric Barrier that controls access to our car park. Currently, this is done via a Paxton card reader. I am looking at adding ANPR to this.

I know that there is a way to link a single ANPR camera to a Paxton controller but wondered if anyone had set on up via ANPR and an NVR using Blocklist and allowed list with the linkage action being an alarm output.

In theory, I think it should go as below

ANPR Camera detects number plate > number Plate is on allowed list > linkage action for this is set to output to alarm A01 > this then sends the signal to the gate controller to open the gate

obviously, if the Numberplate wasn't on the list the linkage wouldn't work and the gate would remain closed

I am using a DS-96128NI-I16 as the NVR and the ANPR cameras are DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZS



Staff member
Hi @dturtill

This video is the best guide I can find that covers what you need to do:
TechTalks #2: How to set up a Hikvision ANPR System, correctly

You'll need to do everything from the NVR's configuration menu - from 18:31 shows the ANPR and blacklist / whitelist setup, and then how to link these lists to the NVR's alarm output ports.

If you're using the newest firmware for that NVR, then the web interface may look slightly different, but all the settings that you need will still be in the same places as shown in the video.

You would then connect the gate controller to the A01 as you say, which is on the alarm I/O terminal block connector on the back of the NVR, as explained in part 1 here: