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How-to: How do I take a screenshot on a Mac and attach the screenshot to an email?

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Now for most regular Mac users, the ability to screenshot is a basic skill they all know how to do and when we provide technical support we often ask customers to send us screenshots to give us a better understanding of their problem, but with some less tech-savvy customers when we ask for a screenshot they reply with "how do I take a screenshot?"

So in this short thread, we will show you How to take a screenshot on a Mac and attach it to an email

There are 3 options for screenshotting on a Mac, they are - Full Screenshot / Selective Screenshot / Window Screenshot - Instructions for each option can be seen below:

Full Screenshot
to capture a screenshot of everything on your screen you simply have to hold the command + shift keys down on your keyboard and whilst you are holding these keys down you will want to press the 3 key. (see image below)​
Selective Screenshot
If you need to take a screenshot of something small or multiple small windows you can use the selective screenshot option, this option lets you drag & drop to select a region of any size. to do it you have to hold command + shift again, but this time you will want to press 4 on your keyboard. (see below)​
When you press the number 4 your cursor on the screen should change from an arrow to a crosshair (like the below image) and if you then left click and hold you can drag a window of any size and then release the left mouse button and the region you selected will be saved to your desktop as a screenshot.​

Window Screenshot
If it is just a single window or a drop-down menu you need to screenshot you can use the window screenshot option, to do this simply follow the instructions for the previous selective screenshot option but after you have pressed 4 and the cursor has changed to a crosshair you will want to press the spacebar on your keyboard and the cursor will then change to an image of a camera and any window or menu you hover over with this cursor will be highlighted blue (see image below) to identify it as the window you are about to screenshot.​
Simply click the window or menu you want to screenshot and a screenshot showing only that window will be saved to your desktop.​

Attaching/Pasting a Screenshot to an E-mail

If you have saved the screenshot you can attach it to an e-mail by going to the top of the e-mail you are about to send and click a menu option like Insert, Add Attachment, or a paperclip icon (it varies depending on what e-mail system you use) see examples of outlook and Gmail below:

Outlook (when accessed via a browser)
Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 15.36.44.png

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Actually, you can take a screenshot on Mac with Joyoshare Screen Recorder Mac. Although it is a powerful tool to record screen video and audio on the computer, it also offers the function to capture a screenshot with one click for free. I think it is very convenient. You can have a try.

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