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How-to: How do I update my Wisenet NVR firmware?

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Tara Brown

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Firstly it is useful to know that Wisenet refers to 'firmware' as 'software' (abbreviated to S/W) throughout their site.

It has come to our attention that it is not currently possible to update Wisenet camera firmware when the cameras are directly connected to and NVR. Please see our thread about how to update your Wisenet Camera Firmware.

Use Wisenet Device Manager to search the network for you NVR and use WebViewer to access it.

To find the latest software for your NVR you will need to search for it on the Hanwha Techwin website. Use the search tool to search for the model number you have and once you open the product page click on the 'Software' dropdown where it will have a .zip file for you to download. The numbers at the end of the file name represent the software version, so compare this to the version your NVR is currently running and update if it is out of date.

The .zip file will save to your desktop and you should open it to see release notes and a .img file as in the below example:

You need the .img file to update your software. Extract/copy this file to an easily accessible location on your desktop or onto a USB, then open up the NVR in WebViewer.

Select the 'Setup' tab from the options on the top bar and select 'System Management ---> System Information'.

firmwareupdate 6.jpg

Click on the browse button at the end of the S/W Upgrade box which will then allow you to search for the .img file you just saved. Select the file and click 'Upgrade'. Your software update will then begin and a pop up will appear with a spinning blue circle. Once complete another pop up will appear as below:

firmwareupdate 7.jpg

Close the browser. Your NVR should reset itself and beep a few times. The lights on the front may go off as it refreshes itself but they should return to normal once it has completed the update. When the lights are back to their previous state (the REC light should be on), search for the NVR again using Wisenet Device Manager. Your NVR should now be up-to-date.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues with the process and we will do our best to help.

We urge our customers to check that all of their IP CCTV equipment is using the latest available firmware. Manufacturers release new camera and NVR firmware every few months, and often this is to deal with potential vulnerabilities so it is important that you keep your system up-to-date. This applies even if you have just purchased new equipment!


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Hola buenas tardes
Estoy actualizando remotamente un NVR WISENET XRN410S, el cual tien la versión 1.2_170824140007. Le he cargado el archivo y le di actualizar, pero es bastante demorado llevo más de 15 minutos esperando, ¿es esto normal?
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Falla ocasionada por denegacion de firewall

It sounds like you need to add permissions to your firewall to allow full access to the NVR, you may have access to the NVR via P2P/port forwarding but what you are doing when updating firmware remotely is loading an unknown file from outside your network and trying to pass it to you NVR on your local network, this is why the firewall may be causing problems. The simplest solution is to only update firmware from your local network, if you very rarely have access to the local network then you will need to look at your firewall and network security settings so that you can have permission for full remote access to this specific IP device.
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