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Firmware How do I update the firmware of a Milesight camera or NVR using Smart Tools in 9 easy steps?

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Here's how to update your Milesight camera and/or NVR to the latest firmware using Smart Tools, all explained in easy to follow steps:

Step 1: Create an account on our forum, login to the account, and click the resources tab at the top of the forum

Step 2: Click either the Milesight Camera or NVR tabs on the left of the page and then select the firmware version that corresponds to the Milesight model you have (Camera Firmware A/B/C or NVR firmware A/B)

Step 3: Download the firmware and extract the file to a folder on your computer that can be easily found

Step 4: Open Smart Tools and click the IPC Tools button

Step 5: Click the Upgrade tab at the top of the IPC Tools page

Step 6: Click the browse button at the bottom of the upgrade page and navigate to the folder with the firmware file and select it

Step 7: Go to the drop-down on the left of the window (xx.xx.xx.xx) and select the firmware series that matches the firmware file you are about to update to (if your firmware file starts 41.xx. then it will fall under the 40.xx.xx series)

Step 8: Check you have the right camera selected and that the username and password are correctly entered at the top of the Smart Tools window

Step 9: Click Upgrade and wait for the confirmation of a successful upgrade

The steps above are for updating a camera, the only difference for updating an NVR is step 4 where instead of clicking the IPC Tools button you will want to click the NVR Tools button, every step after that is the same

Milesight Firmware Compatibility

Milesight Camera Firmware A - ( - Firmware for older H.264 Milesight model (never sold by use-IP)
Milesight Camera Firmware B - (40[41].7.0.60) - Firmware for all current cameras except the 4K camera/s
Milesight Camera Firmware C - ( - Firmware for the 4K camera/s

Milesight NVR Firmware A - ( - Firmware for the Mini NVRs and the 5000 series NVRs (except the 5032 model)
Milesight NVR Firmware B - ( - Firmware for the 5032 model, the 7000 & 8000 series NVRs

The information above was all correct at the time of posting this guide, but over time new firmware options may be released, if you get confused just check the description under each firmware option on the resources page

Watch the video guide below for more help:
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