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How-to: How do I view Hikvision recordings on a microSD card via a PC or Laptop?

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How to view Hikvision recordings on a microSD card via a PC or Laptop
Edge storage to microSD cards is now fairly commonplace in IP cameras, and many manufacturers include this functionality across their product range. It is quite an attractive option for redundancy purposes or to cut costs for smaller systems, rather than necessitating an NVR.

Typically, you'd access this footage across the network by directly connecting to the camera via either a web browser or VMS. Then, you can stream the recordings or download them across the network without having to physically access the camera and remove the microSD card. This is possible with Hikvision cameras, either by navigating to the Playback section of the camera's web interface if it has a microSD card installed, or by using Hikvision's iVMS 4200 software.

However, in some cases this may not be possible due to network restrictions, or the microSD card had to be removed from the camera for whatever reason.

In this instance, to view the recordings on the microSD card, you'll need to use special software from Hikvision called "Local Playback". The Local Playback software is available either as part of the Hikvision Tools package (included with the CD of your camera) or as a standalone download on the Hikvision European download portal.

You will most likely need a microSD card adaptor in order to connect it to your Laptop or PC as these are not commonly built-in (many microSD - USB adaptors exist cheaply), but once you've got it connected, you'll be able to scan and view the recorded files on the microSD card using Local Playback.

Attached is a guide and test on using the software created by Hikvision's European team. I'd recommend you have a quick read through of this before using the software.


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