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FAQ How many Hik-Connect accounts am I able to connect to my Hikvision IP Video Intercom Door Station?


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We have recently had some customers ask us what the limitations surrounding the number of mobile devices that can be connected to Hikvision Door Stations. Indeed, it is key information to have, which is not that readily available, when considering one of these systems. We, therefore, thought that was worth sharing this knowledge in a post to hopefully help some of you in the future.

How many accounts can I add to a door station and which permissions will each account have?

You will always need to pair the door station with one admin account, which will have full functionality and control of any permissions to be granted to additional accounts.

You can connect up to 4 additional accounts, on top of the admin account. Meaning that in total, 5 mobile devices with unique Hik-Connect accounts can access a Hikvision door station. Permissions will need to be granted by the admin accounts for the additional accounts to have the ability to lock or unlock the door.

Some additional information:
  • You should note that these additional accounts cannot receive alarms that are triggered on any devices that are connected to the indoor door station.

  • You can add up to 16 cameras or NVR channels to an indoor station. The streams should always be in H.264 video encoding format and no higher than 1280x720 (720p) resolution.

  • For IP systems, you can add either a camera's mainstream or substream to the indoor station. This isn't the case with analogue systems, for which you are only able to add the substream.

As always, feel free to comment below or create a new thread if you have any questions or related information to share that you think could be helpful!


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Thank you, Kyle. Are there any advantages to feeding the indoor station from the mainstream or sub stream given that both will be 720p or less?