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How-to: How To Connect a Joystick/Keyboard to a Standalone Hikvision PTZ?


Staff member
This question comes up every so often and so we thought we would share the latest information we have on this topic.

Traditionally you would connect a joystick/keyboard directly to an NVR to allow you to control multiple cameras and have hotkeys to jump between different live views, but some customers do only have one PTZ and for a long time most joysticks were USB-based so you couldn't easily connect them to a single camera. Now Hikvision has 2 Joystick/Keyboard models that have RJ45 network connections that allow you login to the keyboards with a browser like any other IP device and connect the controls to PTZ cameras on the same network, the 2 models that allow you to do this are listed below:

Hikvision DS-1200KI Network Keyboard

Hikvision DS-1600KI Network Keyboard (with a 10" touchscreen)