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How to install HDDs to a Dahua NVR3216V-P

Harri Whipp

Thread starter #1
Now that the NVR3216V-P is set up with a camera, we can add some hard disks to start recording footage. There are two slots at the front of the device where HDDs can be installed.

Make sure your device is powered off. Now, release the tab of one of the slots and pull the cage out.
Now screw your HDD to the cage using to screws that were provided with the device.
Push the cage back into the device with the HDD secured and lock it into place.

Now power on your device and login using your username and password (if default it is ‘admin’ for both). Once the main interface loads, right click and on the drop down box click ‘Main Menu’.

Now on the main menu page click on the 'Advanced' link.

Now click ‘HDD Manage’.

On this page you will see all of the HDDs that are installed in the ports.

It is suggested to format any drives that you install. To do this, click the drop down box that says ‘Read/Write’ and select ‘Format’. Then click 'Execute'.

Once this is complete, you can choose what you would like to use the HDD for from these options; just select an option and click 'Execute'.

This window will appear to prompt you that the system will restart. Click ‘OK’.

Your HDD is now successfully added.