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How to Reset the Password of your Hikvision Camera/NVR in 5 steps using the SADP Tool


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Cybersecurity is a big issue for IP manufacturers at the moment and a key element of cybersecurity is the password and the resetting process, so in this guide we are going to take you through Hikvision's secure process for resetting the password of your camera/NVR using the SADP Tool.

The process only takes 5 steps but will take quite a bit of time as emails have to be sent and received to complete the process, but we will talk more about this later in the guide, for now, lets start with:

Step 1: Open SADP and select the camera/NVR you want to reset by ticking the box next to the device on the left side of the list and then click the Forgot Password link at the bottom of the pop-out tab on the right of the SADP window.

password reset.jpg

Step 2: Click the Export button on the pop-up to export the reset file and then select a folder to save the file to that is easy to find

export file.jpg

(IMPORTANT: Once you have exported the reset file the camera/NVR you are resetting must remain powered ON until the reset is complete)

Step 3: Open your emails and attach the reset file to a new email, send this file along with the information listed below to info@use-ip.co.uk
sent reset email(edit).png

After sending the file to us we will confirm you have bought from us and then pass the file on to Hikvision tech support who will then send a reset file to change the password, which we will then email back to you. This series of communications with Hikvision can take up to 24 hours, but often Hikvision support respond much quicker than that

Step 4: Download & save the new reset file from the email you received from us to an easy-to-find folder (we would recommend the same folder as the original exported file)
recieved reset email(edit).png

Step 5: Open SADP and return to the export pop-up from before, this time you will want to go to step 2 and tick the Import File box, then click the folder icon and find the reset file we just sent you, open it so file route appears in the box like below, finally enter the new password twice and then click Confirm

new password.jpg

After clicking confirm a box should appear with a green tick and the words Reset Password Succeeded

reset succeeded.jpg

With the password reset you can now open an Internet Explorer browser, search the IP address of the device and log in using the new password, once in you can then proceed to do what you like with the device (we would recommend checking your Firmware is up to date before you do anything else)

If you need more help with this process then watch our How To... video below:
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Thanks for the reply , have you a link for the sadp tool that i can download for windows ? If i did not purchase from yourself can you still reset password for me ?



Perhaps you can clear up a question. Since cameras connected via POE will not show up in SADP, does using this password reset method also reset the camera passwords too? If not, how do we go about doing the camera passwords for a POE setup?

I also looked at Hik's videos in the thread below and did not get an answer to this question. Thanks.

Hikvision Password Reset - Do It Yourself


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Unless you set an exception, the NVR will pass its password to the cameras (direct-connected to the POE ports on the rear).