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How-to: How to Unbind a Hikvision Device using SADP on a PC

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Unbinding a Hikvision device is not something that is required all that often, in most cases you can do the unbind from within the app. There are though some rare cases when the user does not have access to the Hik-connect account that the device is bound to, for example, if you have purchased a used device that has not been properly disconnected from its previous owners Hik-connect account or if you added the device to an employee's account and they leave without removing the device from the app correctly.

As long as the Hikvision device has been set up correctly on your local network, then the process of unbinding should be pretty simple:

Step 1 - Open SADP on a PC
Step 2 - Click Refresh and select the device you want to unbind by ticking the box next to the device on the far left of the list
Step 3 - Click Unbind
Step 4
- Enter the current username and password of the device (this is NOT the username & password of the Hik-connect user you are trying to unbind the device from)
Step 5 - Enter the Verification Code and click confirm

You should then see a quick pop-up with a green tick saying Unbind Successful, If the device does NOT unbind and you get an error message like "The device is Offline" or "connecting device failed" then the most likely problem is that your DNS settings for the device are not set correctly.

You can change the DNS settings by logging in to the device using a browser and go to Configuration > Network > Basic Settings > TCP/IP and you will see the 2 DNS boxes at the bottom. We recommend that if you are unsure of what DNS to use that you enter default/most commonly used DNS servers which are shown below:

Prefered DNS -
Alternative DNS -

Once you have saved these DNS settings the unbind process should work
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