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I have factory reset my Hikvision 9632 NVR, but don't know the IP camera passwords?


New Member
Hello everyone. Its been 24 hours of trying to do this myself and im at my wits end.

I have a 32 camera setup at my business. Playback was giving me issues so my intelligent mind thought I would first delete the camera and readd it. That should fix it. It didn't.
Then I factory reset it thinking that would fix the issue I created. It didn't.

All my cameras are activated, I just cant get into them. I don't know what the admin password that was setup on them is. The guy that did this for me is unreachable.

Anytime I add a camera on the nvr i either get network is unreachable error or username or password is incorrect.

I have attached all the relevant information let me know if anymore is needed. To get the cameras to show up on the SADP tool I removed the lan cable from the NVR and plugged it into the router. I haven't been trying to add cameras like that normally. It was always connected to the NVR.

I would really appreciate any help on this.


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Ouch. I don't think there's much that you can do. If a different admin password was used for the camera activation, than that of the NVR and you don't know that password, you'll probably be looking at factory resetting every camera I imagine. I don't recognise the camera models but a quick web search shows that they're Wintech and have "one key reset" listed under general functions on the datasheet. That would possibly mean physically accessing every camera to push the reset button, then programming them all up from scratch. I'd suggest getting a professional installer involved.