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IP cams disappear from NVR


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I have had non stop problems from the beginning with my NVR allowing 11 x 8mp 4K cameras to connect and record contentiously for a period of time, usually upto 5 days of working fine, and then one or two cameras all of sudden will show no video within there square on the monitor and have no green and orange light at the back of NVR.

Currently on a 16port NVR which states upto 12 IP channel, I am running 2 cameras @ 8mp 4K on 80meter cat6a copper cables and 2 cameras @ 8mp 4K on the same cat6a cable. All fine for 5 days and then today the cameras on the 80m cables have gone

I have tried to test several theories, using new cables, cameras and even purchasing the same NVR to halve the POE load. Ironically if you remove the non working cable from the NVR and place it in a Poe switch you can see the red infra red up but then returning to NVR nothing.

The people who sold me all the equipment are trying to assist in resolving this and have suggested that I purchase these boxes linked below,but at £80 per cable and with Xmas a few weeks away I thought I would try and see what other peoples thoughts were and find out what may be an alternative or better the problem.

Any help will be greatly appreciated


Staff member
What make & models are your NVR & cameras please?
Typically, fixed cameras can be powered from the NVR without any issues.
Nominally, the maximum cable length for any network leg is 100 metres.
Cheaper network cable might reduce what you can achieve.
Copper clad aluminium (CCA) cable should be avoided.