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IR Reflection Troubleshooting Guide (blurry night image)


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IR Reflection Troubleshooting Guide

An inherent design risk of a dome camera with built-in infrared is the possibility of IR reflection, or IR bleeding. It's an issue we see sometimes with non-EXIR cameras - with the IR LEDs house in the same dome as the camera lens, you can see the IR being reflected off of the dome and blinding the lens. Indeed, even a fingerprint on the dome can ruin the IR quality. This often results in a bright white image at night time, or a blurry-grey image that ruins an image's quality. If your camera's night images resemble the below, the chances are you're experiencing this issue.

There are ways to reduce this risk however, as many manufacturers have shown. Things like including a foam ring around the camera lens which sits flush with the dome to block out the IR light have helped massively with this issue, and indeed you can often resolve the issue simply by cleaning the glass cover of the dome.

Hikvision have produced a document detailing how to troubleshoot and resolve these issues.
Please see the attached .pdf file

While it may be a little out-of-date, the fixes mentioned within will apply to any dome camera currently on the market.