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Is it possible to set up 2 way audio with my DS-7716NI-K4/16P NVR and colorvu cameras with built-in microphones?


New Member
Is it possible to set up 2 way audio?

I have a DS-7716NI-K4/16P with colorvu cameras with built-in microphones.

I can hear and record audio with this set up.

I have added a small amplifier and a speaker near a camera.

Using the ivms-4500 app I can speak through the speaker but this cuts off the microphone so you can't hear a reply.

But this only works on WiFi if I conect remotely the audio part of the app is grayed out.

If I try to use the hik connect app I just get bad feedback through the speaker.

I would like 2 way audio when away from home through the app or when at home.

Is this possible?



Staff member
Hi @Mick4x4

What have you connected the external speaker to - the camera or NVR?
How does the 2-way audio perform when viewing the camera in a web browser?
Also, how is the camera connected to your NVR (into the PoE ports or via IP address)?

iVMS-4500 is pretty much obsolete now, you want to be using Hik-Connect, which is the new app.

Here's our guide on setting it up properly - How-to: How to use Hik-Connect

Instructions on using 2-way audio in Hik-Connect are here - Hik-Connect: Start Two-Way Audio

It should just be a case of holding down the microphone button to talk, and releasing it to listen. Let us know if you're having the same issue on the newer app.