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Is my switch too small?


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Hi all.

Quick question regarding poe switches. I have my house which is my base, large shed 1, large shed 2.

Shed 1
I have 4 x HIK 4mp IP cameras plugged into a POE 4 port Hikvision Ds-3e0105p-E switch. I have a TP link plugged into the unlink set to send the image to Shed 2.

Shed 2
Has another hik 4 port switch.
And has a TP link receiver plugged into 1 port
3 x 4mp IP cameras in to other ports
And a TP link sender plugged into the uplink sending to my house tp link and a BIG switch.

I am getting lag/movement stuttering if I put the quality up. Its set to medium and 10fps and works OK... but i would like higher image quality and 16fps.

I'm thinking if i got a bigger switch in shed 2 like an 8 port 1 gigabit it might take the load off a bit??

Any ideas? I don't want to buy an 8 port if it won't help. ‍♂

Thanks in advance