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Let the Hik connect app tell me when the power is out


New Member
Hi. I have 3 HIK vision cameras onboard my boat. And I can view the cameras through my Hik-Connect app. Sometimes there is a power outage onboard my boat, when connected to shore power. And the only way I am able to find out if this has happend, is to open my app on the phone. If I can see the video image, I know the power onboard my boat is ON. If I can not see it and it does not connect, I know something is wrong.

But is it not possible for the HIK-VISION app to push an alarm or a message to me if it can not connect to the cameras? That way I would be told when something is wrong, instead of me having to check each time. Right now it is -12 degrees here I live, so staying without shorepower for a longer period can cost me a lot of money. This would solve a big concern for boat users like me.


Staff member
Hi @bergen

Somebody may prove otherwise, but to my knowledge, the camera needs to have power / be online for notifications to be sent (Hik-Connect will not generate its own notifications).

The closest thing I know is possible is to go to [Basic Event > Exception>Network Disconnected], can set your NVR or camera to send a notification if the network connection is lost at any point, but it will not send this until it is back online, so probably not ideal unless you have backup power solutions: