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License plate recognition

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Hello I wanted to share with you coll tool for license plate recognition. ANPR software can:

  1. Recognize license plates from many countries in real time without triggers;
  2. Work with different sources: IP cameras, WEB cameras, analog cameras connected through video cards, video files (AVI, MP4) and photos;
  3. Control devices (barriers, lights, etc.);
  4. Send emails and display allarms in user screen on events;
  5. Comunicate with GSM device;
  6. Send data with POST or GET commands to your web server;
  7. Has it‘s own web client server;
  8. Much more...
If you would like to test it, we strongly recommend use Trial version, because it does not have bugs as freeware and is more times faster. It has more working stability and many improvements on country recognition accurracy and recognition speed.

You can download new version from our website - http://www.videoanalitika.lt/ANPR/setup.exe

Please use quick install guide:

– First part

- Second part

Manuals you will find in "C:\ANPR\" directory