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Login failed - when trying to auth over internet


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Hi all,

So, I've got a Dahua NVR (NVR2104HS-S2) with 4 cameras connected to it. Everything works fine except authenticating with admin login with Internet Explorer over the internet. I've port forwarded a none standard port to port 80 on the NVR and If I use a browser that doesn't have the plugin installed like Mozilla Firefox I can login successfully, change settings and so on. But If I use a browser with plugin installed like Internet Explorer or Pale Moon I get "Login failed" error. I worked before with Hikvision NVR/Cameras and I didn't have issues with them. Connecting directly to any of the 4 Dahua cameras on port 80 works like a charm, the only problem is with the NVR.

Connecting to the NVR with Smart PSS and gDMSS works just fine, but I need internet explorer too. If using https (443) port I still get Login failed error. Do I have to port forward any other port? Can someone help me with this one?

Using LAN - I can login without a problem.
Using WAN - I get "Login failed"



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I think that you won't need IE anymore just use Google chrome with IE tab (Click to download) extension and you will able to connect to the NVR and configure it as using IE. ;)