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Login failed - when trying to auth over internet


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Hi all,

So, I've got a Dahua NVR (NVR2104HS-S2) with 4 cameras connected to it. Everything works fine except authenticating with admin login with Internet Explorer over the internet. I've port forwarded a none standard port to port 80 on the NVR and If I use a browser that doesn't have the plugin installed like Mozilla Firefox I can login successfully, change settings and so on. But If I use a browser with plugin installed like Internet Explorer or Pale Moon I get "Login failed" error. I worked before with Hikvision NVR/Cameras and I didn't have issues with them. Connecting directly to any of the 4 Dahua cameras on port 80 works like a charm, the only problem is with the NVR.

Connecting to the NVR with Smart PSS and gDMSS works just fine, but I need internet explorer too. If using https (443) port I still get Login failed error. Do I have to port forward any other port? Can someone help me with this one?

Using LAN - I can login without a problem.
Using WAN - I get "Login failed"