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Looking for Linux NVR software


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We got a Hickvivion NVR (DS-7716NI-14B) From spyCameraCCTV and was told we could backup using FTP, which was a lie. I am therefore looking for an alternative.

We are using it to record performances at a festival. We are using around 10 cameras (but may go to 15/20 next year). The NVR worked fine, apart from not being able to backup/get footage easily off it over a network.

So wondering what the options are. We don't need anything very sophisticated. Don't need the motion detection and only being able to playback one camera at one iIS OK. We need something solid. Don't want to pay much as we are only using it for a month. Don't mind if it is fiddly to set up. But we really ant linux as we will probably run it on a Virtual Machine on our server.

Any ideas?