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Looking for some design help - 4 cameras on my home / 4 on my garage?


New Member
Looking for some help or advice.

I am looking to add a Hikvision Camera system which would include 4 cameras on my house and 4 cameras on my detached garage.

Here is the question. I have hardwire internet (Cat5e) to my detach garage. I would like to add a POE switch for the 4 cameras in the garage and place the NVR in my utility room in my house were my modem and router are. What impact will this have on my wire internet connect in my garage.

I would like to know if it is possible to have the garage cameras and house cameras connect to on NVR in the utility room, or do I need 2 NVR’s (one in the house, and one in the garage)?


Staff member
You can do as you say i.e. install a POE switch in the garage and use that to add the four garage cameras to your General LAN.
These can then be manually added to your NVR (teach the NVR the IP addresses of the cameras).
Just one NVR is needed.
Those 4 garage cameras will be sending all of their network traffic via your LAN, but you will not notice.
Especially, if you have a modern gigabit router, and purchase a gigabit POE switch.