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MacOS [Mac] Hikvision Plugin for Mac OS

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Hikvision Plugin for Mac OS
All IP cameras require a plugin to display their video stream in a web browser, and normally this poses no issue. The browser and camera will prompt you automatically to download and install the plugin when you try and view a live feed or, if you already have done so, will ask your permission to run the plugin.

Safari on the other hand does not automatically do this when running on a Mac, and so requires you to download and install the plugin manually. For many of our customers who aren't aware of this, it appears to them that their camera simply doesn't work. Thankfully, it's a very quick and straightforward issue to remedy.

There are a couple of places you can download the plugin from:

  • Hikvision's Overseas Website - On this site, you're after the file named "Plug-in V3.0.5.26 build20150126 for Mac OS" (or a newer version). You may need to create an account to access the download, and so the below might be a preferable alternative.
  • Hikvision's European Download Portal - This site provides a direct download to the same plugin as above. Of course, do ensure you're downloading the "for macosx" file.
Once you've downloaded the plugin, close your browser and install it. You will be prompted upon reopening your browser to give the plugin permission to run, which you should allow, and afterwards your camera should provide a live view!

NB - Updated information and links here:
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