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Milesight firmware update - don't do what I did


Staff member
OK - confessions of a serial updater here.
When you've updated as many HikVision cameras & NVRs as I have recently, you tend to do it on auto-pilot.
So, I was quite puzzled yesterday when my Milesight firmware updates would not proceed.
I kept getting a "Unknown file format" warning.
It was the first time I'd grabbed firmware for a Milesight update from the 'Resources' section of this forum (freshly setup).
I spent a long time trying to work out why my file was bad.
I grabbed a fresh file from Milesight's Downloads page - theirs was bad too!
Eventually, I realised my ridiculous auto-pilot error.
HikVision's and Milesight's Maintenance pages are the same, but different.
I automatically clicked the bottom 'Choose File' button on the Milesight camera's update page (as I would for HikVision), but the order is reversed - firmware updates are at the bottom of the HikVision page, but at the top of the Milesight page!
I was trying to upload new Milesight firmware in the field where I should import a config. file.

On both, the correct button for a firmware update is labelled 'Upgrade' (not Import/Upload).

Don't be like Phil.
Do read what it says on your screen.

Milesight firmware update 8-11-17.png
HikVision firmware update 8-11-17.png